Dr. Iris Mangulabnan to Lead Covenant Hospital Medicine Group

Iris Mangulabnan, MD, FACP has been announced the new Medical Director for the Covenant Hospital Medicine Program. Dr. Mangulabnan is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas Medical School in Manila, Philippines and completed her residency training with Synergy Medical Education Alliance.

She has been with the Covenant Hospital Medicine Program since its inception in 2003. Covenant is excited to have her valuable expertise in this role. 

The Covenant Hospital Medicine Program has 27 providers and currently services 130 physicians. Hospital medicine is a specialty in which physicians focus on caring for patients in the hospital setting. Hospitalists work closely with the patient, family members, primary care physicians, specialists and other departments of the hospital to provide high quality and effective inpatient care. Covenant hospitalists are highly trained internal medicine and family practice physicians.

Covenant HealthCare, like many medical centers throughout the country, gives physicians on the medical staff the option of referring patients to a hospital medicine specialist when their patients require hospitalization. The hospitalist manages the inpatient care while staying in close communication with the patient’s primary care physician. The hospitalist also acts as a liaison with other required specialists. Because the hospitalist works solely in within the hospital, he or she is very familiar with the hospital’s treatment and diagnostic departments and is readily available to see the patient whenever needed during the day or night.

A hospitalist is available in the hospital 24 hours a day and is able to keep a close eye on patients and readily communicate with the nursing staff, other required specialists and primary care physicians. Patients will see their primary care physician soon after leaving the hospital. Complete records and reports will be forwarded to the primary care physician from the hospital.